Welcome to Cowboy Church 

Join us every Tuesday at 7 PM for good Gospel music, Gospel message, fun and fellowship.

YOU MAY ASK  " What is Cowboy Church? "

Are you looking for a place that you feel at  Home????

Come and be a part of what God is doing at Cowboy Church.

  • We only have service on Tuesday Night at 7PM. This Tuesday night service is no different than what quite a few church's are doing in every denomination when they start a Saturday evening contemporary service for people that don't come to traditional worship service on Sunday Morning. Cowboys and Farmers worked or did the Rodeo on Sundays and had church whenever and wherever they could. Every day is Gods Day and we should be serving and worshiping Him every day of the week.
  • At 6PM the barns will be open (horses, goat, pony and even a Bull) come and enjoy a relaxing atmosphere.
  • At 7 PM the Cowboy Church service starts.
  • Our Services are a little over an hour long, but people stay late to fellowship and listen to the cowboy band jam.
  • People show up early to sit on the porch and relax in then summer, or they watch the horses, goats and bull the field or Arena.
  • The dress is come as you are. Some will come straight from the fields and factory.
  • We will not drag you to the hay bale call (Altar Call) but we will always give you an opportunity to come forward.
  • We are Non-Denominational, we have Baptist, Pentecostal, 1st church of God, Church of God, Nazarene, Methodist plus others so I thing you get the idea. We DO NOT take official membership, however you can call Cowboy church your home church if you choose and join right in and be blessed. We consider it our responsibility to take care of anyone entering the doors of Cowboy Church.  Some come only to Cowboy Church and call it home and some attend a traditional church and still attend Cowboy church.

Remember: When you make a member then that makes all others non-members, and we want all to feel welcome at Cowboy Church.    

  • We believe if you're saved, (Yes we do preach Born Again) and live according to what Gods word says, not what your denomination says then you are a member of Gods family & going to heaven.
  • Denominational rules and beliefs in a lot of cases give way for divisions and arguments within the family of God. That doesn't please God.
  • There are fundamental things in Gods Word that we need to study and show ourselves approved in such as, being filled with the Spirit, gifts of the Spirit, the different callings on the body of Christ. We need to study and find what God has put us here for and fulfill His will in our lives. You find His will in His Word and not in a preacher, denomination, or membership.

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Here at Cowboy Church we are NOT building

   A CHURCH we are building THE CHURCH which is people.